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Prosperity Africa conference tackles AfCFTA and entrepreneurship

In May SVAI joined the PACCI at Prosperity Africa for discussion among business leaders and entrepreneurs on the strengths and challenges facing successful implementation of the AfCFTA.

Much hope hangs on the AfCFTA and what it will mean for both African business and society – but this relies on efficient and comprehensive implementation, and participation by all stakeholder groups in Africa.

Through this lens, the 5th annual Prosperity Africa conference was hosted by the Pan African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PACCI), and SVAI joined in. It offered a comprehensive agenda and an opportunity for SMEs to learn about the platforms that are facilitating trade under the AfCFTA and learn from fellow exporters drawing out best practices for intra-African Trade. Furthermore, it offered opportunity for various panels and roundtable discussions were all business operators – small and large – could interface with policymakers and industry experts and share insights on issues relating to SME capacitation and development, and entrepreneurship capacities.

You may view some of the speaker interviews from the conference on the PACCI’s YouTube channel here.

SVAI’s session focused on the need for favourable policies for SMEs and also provided a platform for entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences.

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