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For Investors
The purpose of JamiiTrade is to build technology which addresses the lack of easily accessible trade information for African entrepreneurs that allows for easy collaboration, peer-learning and best practice. This technology will be implemented over multiple phases as information and agreements increase or change.

The JamiiTrade digital application aims to create a curated, collaborative community of SMEs trading across Africa and beyond. To realise this opportunity, the PACCI and SVAI is seeking funding for the JamiiTrade digital platform. Funding that will be utilised to create one of the largest SME trade communities across the continent and provide an opportunity for funders to be part of “first” to empower and enable our SMEs and support their journey towards building sustainable enterprises that can change Africa forever.  The research findings concluded that accelerators and entrepreneurs only know about the AfCFTA on a surface level and are still unable to see how it affects them and their businesses.

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Be among the "first" to empower and enable SMEs across the continent.

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Support African SMEs on their journey towards building sustainable enterprises.

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Funding will be used to create one of Africa's largest SME trade communities.

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