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What is JamiiTrade?

A learning and information exchange community for African entrepreneurs and SMEs that are looking to increasing cross-border trade on the continent and across the globe. It will be the go-to platform for all entrepreneurs looking to trade across borders – with up-to-date information on processes and procedures.

How will JamiiTrade work?

Simple: You sign up to be a member at no cost, and you will have access to the network and the information shared on the platform. You will be able to create a profile, connect to other SMEs, share your cross-border trade experience and learn from others across the continent going through similar journeys.


How will I, as an entrepreneur, benefit from JamiiTrade?

You will have:

  • greater understanding of cross-border trade

  • credible insights and information to help you build a resilient business

  • up-to-date technical and operational information, such a tariffs and documentation/requirements

  • access to a community, at the touch of a button.

  • peer to peer learning and sharing of experiences


How much will it cost to make use of JamiiTrade?

During the pilot/beta phase, there won’t be any cost to use the JamiiTrade website or the information we share with the community.  Over time, we will add paid-for services that you can opt in for, depending on your business needs.


What languages will be offered on JamiiTrade?

We will pilot in English but aim to add more languages as we continue to roll it out. 


When will the JamiiTrade app go live?

We are currently developing the pilot/beta product. Sign up now and you can be one of the first to use it!


What makes JamiiTrade different?

While information exists out there, it’s not curated in a way that addresses SMEs and MSMEs, and is not always easily understood or even accessible. JamiiTrade has one focus: SMEs and ensuring your success in cross-border trade – this will be your platform.


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